Nowadays – and especially since the beginning of the health crisis– a marked trend toward digitalization is touching many sectors, including fashion. We have participated in our own way in this new way of communication.

The Wakapedia team worked with creative agency Motel409 on the production and creative direction of the campaign for the spring/summer 2021 collection of Japanese designer Izumi Oginos brand ANTEPRIMA.

The unease surrounding the Covid pandemic did non discourage us from accepting the mission to work on such an interesting project.

This is the story of how our film for the SS21 ANTEPRIMA collection was born. It was released for the first time on September 24, 2020.  

ANTEPRIMA, a brand that unites Japan and Italy

Izumi Ogino was the only female Japanese designer to participate in Milan Fashion Week this year. This fact is significant for Wakapedia because our team is comprised exclusively of young professional women who often work between Italy and Japan.

Founded in 1993, maison ANTEPRIMA has officially participated in Milan Fashion Week since 1998. This unique brand has a knack for uniting the essence of Italian style with the attention to detail and refined minimalism of Japanese culture. Among the 600+ garments the brand produces, the real icon is the ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG. Women wear these handmade, delicate mesh bags in all seasons and for all occasions.

The Anteprima Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

This season, brands launched their spring/summer 2021 collections in new and innovative ways to adapt to the pandemic. Some brands organized runway shows with limited numbers of guests to maintain social distancing, while others presented their collections digitally with videos released on a date specified by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana).

ANTEPRIMA chose the latter to reveal a new collection of minimal looks with soft silhouettes and natural colors like earth brown, burnished black, and stone grey. The materials are elegant and light yet strong. The new knitwear, for example, is fluid, comfortable, and creates harmony between the body and its environment. New colors, sizes, and shapes of the celebrated Wirebagcomplement the natural feminine clothing. As always, the shimmering, reflective texture of the Wirebag makes any look pop.

“Dear Wonder Women” is plural

The collection presentation film opens with the voice of creative director Izumi Ogino reading a poem. Diverse models dressed in the new collection inhabit a beautiful sequence of outdoor spring scenes and monochromatic studio scenes. They each read in turn from the works of four poets of different nationalities: Medha Sharma, Ashley Lord, Celine Zabad, and Tabasco Napoleon Tanaka. The poems were chosen because they are about the inner strength of women and of the beauty of nature. The title “Dear Wonder Women puts emphasis, like the poems, on the temporal beauty and independence of women and on the allure and purity of nature.

With this new collection, ANTEPRIMA sends an important message that every woman should know that she has the strength and beauty to be a Wonder Woman”. The use of the plural form women shows that the brand chooses to relate to all women and not just to a specific type of woman. It is a manifesto against a society in which women can’t always express themselves freely and show their strength.

We would also like to take this opportunity to ask the women reading this article to reflect on the following. Are you aware of the power you posses? Do you know how to manifest it and not repress it? Can you be a Wonder Woman every day for yourself and not for others? We really hope that this short film – made with passion and enthusiasm– reminds women that they are splendid, not only because of their physical appearance but also because of their inner strength.